MARLIANS COME FORWARD!!! Tell Us Something Naira Marley Once Said (Best Quote Wins)


Marlians your massive attention is needed on this content about your main man, Naira Marley.

Last week, I put up a post like this but it was about the legendary rapper, Olamide, and the Baddo fans showed crazy love on it as they drop some deep Olamide’s quote.

So this week I decided to put a similar post about Naira Marley, as we all know he’s the King of Lamba and I believe with the heavy force of the Marlians this post should be a shut down too.

Naira Marley has used a few times in the Industry but it looks like he has been around for long, during this short time he has dropped enormous hit songs and he has made a lot of quotes from his sayings and social media activity.

As a confirm Marlians, Naira Marley’s quote shouldn’t be far fetched from you if you’re asked, and I will be asking you today to test your Marlians loyalty.

So Marlians 👇

Tell Us Something Naira Marley Once Said In The Comment Section

As usual, I will go first;

Naira Marley once said “She’s not your girlfriend, it is just your turn”

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