Proven Appeal Scripts You Adapt To Get Back Your Banned Page, Banned Ads & Business Manager Account Including Your Advertising Restriction


August 2018, I was very close to my “big break”. I was 23 years old, a chartered accountant and certified Digital marketing expert and I had just submitted a proposal close to a million naira to a firm at Victoria Island, Lagos. I was contracted to run full-scale digital marketing campaign for the company’s latest set of products.

My mission was simple, run ads and gets sales for these products! It was the first time working with the company and some of the top executives were doubtful of my expertise. They felt I was too young for the bill I charged them and they weren’t really sure if I could deliver on my promises.

I was able to persuade some of the executives and they had to convince the others that I was the right person for the job. They decided to give me a chance! I was super elated when I was told to come collect the cheque! 

I signed all the necessary documents and I got my first payment for the project. It was well over 500 hundred thousand naira!

I was so determined to prove every one of them wrong and deliver on my promises! I got everything else ready to run the ads and I loaded my account with 150k to begin with.

You know the usual review duration with Facebook ads and I was so happy when I got notified that my ads were on. I couldn’t wait for sales to start coming in and have people sign up for our offers!

I was happy to have our first sale within the first 30 minutes of the ads going live! I notified the company and they were happy about it, they kept seeing the sales come in for a day till the joy was cut short!

Facebook stopped the ads and banned the ads account because the ads were against their ads policies! I was mad and furious, I had over 120k trapped in the account. I read Facebook ads policies over and over again and I couldn’t pinpoint where I went wrong!

I appealed and they sent me this response that I’m sure you are used to by now

“After further review of your Facebook account, we found you didn't comply with our Advertising Policies (https://web.facebook.com/policies/ads) or other standards. You will no longer be allowed to advertise and your access to features for managing ad and business accounts will remain limited.

The Facebook Business Team”

I was devastated, sad, angry and in serious debt. I was ashamed of myself and the prospect of facing the company’s executives was something I did not look forward to.  120k had just been banned with the account and how to explain what happened to the executives gave me headache.

I couldn’t call them immediately till they called the second day to tell me that they stopped getting people to sign up for the program. I felt like a failure because I had let them down and couldn’t deliver on my promise.

I summoned courage and narrated what happened to the executives and why it happened and after back and forth deliberations, I had to make a refund of the initial deposit and sign out of the project!

My world came crashing.

For the next one year, I kept losing my ads accounts till I lost the business manager account due to Facebook ban. I was made an admin on another business manager account and I lost them all to ban too till my personal account was totally banned from running Facebook ads. Yes, my advertising access was restricted!

Yes, Facebook saw me as a criminal, I ran bad ads. I went against numerous policies and that’s why I got banned. I did not get banned because I did not know the robes of Facebook ads, I was banned because I ran bad ads and truth is that I did not read up Facebook ads policies till my personal account was  banned.

When I could no longer run ads at all, I knew I needed to do something about it. I knew I had to read up and understand why I was banned and what I needed to do to get back the accounts!

I took my time reading up lots of stuff on the internet and I decided to appeal those bans again!

Since August 2018, I made my first appeal in February 2020 and guess what! I won the appeal!

I decided to appeal all my ads and business manager that got banned and I won every single appeal with different scripts entirely. I have gone on to win 8 ads manager appeal with different scripts entirely.

I was hugely happy. The only appeal I did not win was my ads account that has been banned over 180 days ago. Facebook does not allow such banned account to be appealed anymore after 180 days.

I decided to write an appeal for the business manager ban and I won that too.

My page got banned at some point and I had to appeal it and I won that too.

The ultimate was my advertising restriction, I won that too when I appealed it with better script!

I have won all my appeals against Facebook ban!

Between February and now, I have appealed over 30 bans on Facebook and I have won every single one of them. To test things out, I have given some of my scripts to other people to appeal their banned account and almost everyone won back their ads account with the underground script!


Introducing- The FB Ads Underground Script!

The Fb ads Underground script is an ebook. A collection of proven appeal scripts that have won back numerous ads account against Facebook ban. It is a set of tested-and-trusted scripts that helps you win back all your banned properties from Facebook.

  • Facebook page Ban
  • Facebook ads manager ban
  • Advertising Access Restriction
  • Facebook Business manager ban

The beauty of these scripts and winning the appeal is the fact that all my money remained intact in all the ads accounts that I got back!

Here is what you get when you get the underground script

  • Proven Techniques To Write Any Appeal And Win! I won all my appeals with different content and I revealed all the secrets in this book.
  • Collection Of Power And Magic Words To Use In Your Scripts To Win
  • 20 Proven Scripts That You Can Swipe To Appeal All Your Ban
  • How To Create The Right Appeal Script That Win Even When You Have Gone Against Facebook Policies
  • The Triggers That Helps You Win Every Appeal
  • You Will Win All Types And Forms Of Facebook Ban. Be It Facebook Page Or Ads Manager Or Business Manager!


  • How Not To Get Your Ads And Page Banned Again! There Is A Way I Have Learnt To Do It
  • How To Optimize Your Ad Budget
  • How To Grow Your Messenger Bot Or Email List While Making Sales
  • How To Spend Less And Achieve More With Facebook Ads

What People Are Saying...


For 4months I couldn’t do anything on my page. No post, no ads. My accounts were banned. I couldn’t even have a detty December.

I had appealed twice, yet declined.

My only other option was to learn google ads. Work wouldn’t allow me.

You know, I’m a 9-5er, so relying on just organic sales will be setting up for 1 or 2 sales a week, if not less.

I had planned to start my google ads learning in March until I saw a post by Oladipupo celebrating his ads account back. I reached out immediately and he gave me heads up and how to coin my appeal message. He went as far as showing me a few copies to learn from.

3 days after my appeal, Fb released all my ad accounts and now, I resumed running ads. Just like magic, what has kept me grounded for 4 months resolved in a jiffy. Thanks Coach for the magic copy, as I’ve named it.

Edna Okoduwa


I never believed I could get back my ads accounts. I broke lot of rules and went against the policies and I had all kinds of ban. I was tired of creating new facebook account till Oladipupo gave me some of his proven scripts.

I appealed all the ban and now, I have all my accounts back and fully functional.

I highly recommend especially if you sell products in health niche.  


Why you need the Underground Script

  • You will get back every money that you’ve deposited in your ad manager for use
  • You will be able to appeal and win every ban if you got banned
  • You will learn how to never get banned again
  • You will learn how to get more results with less spend
  • You will learn how to sell any product or service with Facebook ads

What Makes Underground Script Different!

You may not be new to appeal scripts. You may have paid for some scripts before and it did not work for you and if you are thinking underground secret is the same, you want to think differently

  • 1
    Underground script is not one single script. The reason why other scripts stopped working is because it is just one single script that was used by many people till it stopped working. Underground script is over 20.
  • 2
    Underground script teaches you how to write the script yourself and win if you don’t want to swipe the ones we’ve tested and proven to work
  • 3
    Underground script reveals deep secrets that you don’t know about Facebook ads policies.

You have everything to gain when you grab your copy of this book TODAY.

Get FB Ads Underground Script for just N5,000 only. Price increases to N7,500 in the next 24 hours



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